Surfer Babe Drowns In Sperm!

We spotted this hottie Jana near a snackshack at the bay. When we told her that she had to suck a cock on camera for a few bucks, she was like, “Bring it on!” She wanted that dick so badly so we shoved it straight up her mouth once we took it out!

Little bitch thought she was gonna get it easy. At first we let her get a feel of our guy’s cock, letting her coast by, then BAM! He suddenly shoves his dong past her tonsils! She whimpered and tried pull away! But we didn’t stop there. We stuffed her cheeks with tough cockmeat until we thought she was gonna give up, but obedient slut that she is, she took the whole rod in! Finally her sweet face got a major creaming after our dude wanked off over her, and she took it like a real trouper!

princess of gagging

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